Sunday, May 2, 2010


Will refers to a strong desire to do something positive. What we often hear is "Where there is a will there is a way" We should develop the desire to achieve success or overcoming challenges by sheer willpower. As a youth we desired to be taller and thus will ourselves to exercise by jumping higher and higher in our high jump sports event. Some children chose to gain a greater height by playing basketball.

I remember too when I was weak in certain subjects or when we got miserable results in our monthly tests, we will ourselves to work harder by spending more time trying to understand the subject. Inevitably our strong will will drive us to achieve the success we want.

A few of our friends we know came from Chinese medium schools and when we first met them their spoken and written language in English was atrocious. Today however one such friend is on his way to obtain his Doctorate in Philosophy after obtaining a Master's degree. I attribute his success again to sheer will power.

I thus suggest that whatever situation we are in, we can overcome with our strong will and of course dont forget the little prayer

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